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Let's Go!

  • Full Day of fishing in the bay or surrounding areas.

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    8 hr

    1,000 US dollars
  • Morning or afternoon, fishing in the bay and surrounding areas

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    4 hr

    From 600 US dollars
  • Tour of the marine life in the bay and surrounding areas.

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    4 hr

    From 500 US dollars
  • Take a relaxing cruise into the bay to experience the beautiful sunset

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    2 hr

    From 250 US dollars


I’ve been a wanna be fishing guide for many years and finally life provided the opportunity to allow this to be fulfilled. And I am so grateful.

I’ve been fishing the Great Lakes with my Dad from the time I could walk. His love of fishing and the experience of enjoying nature and fellowship has long impacted me. My only life regret is that I didn’t seize this opportunity of guiding sooner.

I began fishing this area (Pan-Handle) of the world in 1993 and have longed for it ever since that first day I caught a red fish from the beach. In 2002 I became obsessed with fly fishing and have caught many species of fish on a fly rod from Yellowstone to Africa to Central America to Tahiti. I don’t travel without at least one of my fly rods, much to my wife’s dismay.

I spent all of my adult life before moving to Florida in health care. I served as an Army medic for 4 years and spent time in the Middle East during Operation Desert Storm. After leaving the military, I spent many days in surgery assisting surgeons while obtaining my degree in Biology. This science background allowed me to study marine life in more depth and fed my desire to fish and seek the outdoors. Many years of selling surgical implants and the daily stress of helping patients led me to find a way out. As I processed other opportunities to occupy my time I kept coming back to the times I spent on the water. This is the place where the adventure lowers my blood pressure and I can see and experience The Lord’s creation all around me. Now that I have been given this unbelievable opportunity I want to share it with others. So, with the words of The Apostle Peter “I’m going fishing” and I’d love to have you join me.


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